That's the last of it, I guess. Anything I couldn't sell.


I could give her the LOTR action figures in that box. She seemed to enjoy them when she was drunk.

Or the Rainbow Briyte novel by Timothy Zahn in the box on the far left. Was her favorite character when we were kids. Something to recall our time together...

Or am I being selfish? Is she better off forgetting me?

Dammit, no. I can't do this anymore. The last year's been one long series of apologies, reparations, and avoidances. This year, I move FORWARD. I stop saying "I did wrong" and start saying "I'm going to do right." I'm going to law school, going to Clingon blood drives, and I'm going to give Shanna the best Christmas gift I can think of.

That's all I owe her.

No matter how miserable she is right now.