Book I: Fantastica

A Way of Life? (The Fandom Menace, Part 1)

Campaigns? (The Fandom Menace, Part 2)

Heroes? (The Fandom Menace, Part 3)

Cypherpunk (The Fandom Menace, Part 4)

Out There (The Most Dangerous Game, Part 1)

Fandom and Fear (The Most Dangerous Game, Part 2)

Truth and Dare (The Most Dangerous Game, Part 3)

Sucked (The Most Dangerous Game, Part 4)

Visiting Day (Loving the Alien, Part 1)

Universal Translator (Loving the Alien, Part 2)

Alien Worlds (Loving the Alien, Part 3)

Adulthood's End (Fans, Slans, and HYPERMAN, Part 1)

BREAK (Fans, Slans, and HYPERMAN, Part 2)

Escapism (Prison Planets, Part 1)

The Peacemakers (Prison Planets, Part 2)

Ex Machina (Prison Planets, Part 3)



Mad Science (College Roomies from Hell Crossover)




Bored of the Rings

New Faces

Thrown Switch

Book II: Times of War

Prologue: Phantoms

Chapter One: Teccies

Chapter Two: Disestablishing Shots

Chapter Three: War Between States

Chapter Four: The Smell of Honey

Chapter Five: The Way The Future Is

Chapter Six: Lost Time

Chapter Seven: Dreams Denied

Chapter Eight: Mortal Combat

Chapter Nine: Le(s)t Darkness Fall

Epilogue: Back Down to Earth

Book III: Soul Quest

Makin' 'em Sing

The Perfect Blog

The Seventh Power (It's Walky Crossover)

Don't Know Him from Adam

The Cruelest Month (Second College Roomies from Hell Crossover)

Inner Spaces


What Dreams May Come

Book IV: Old Ghosts

All Flesh Is Glass


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