[Comic: AWOL3]

The first "Tim's" "dialogue" is one of my disastrous hand-lettering jobs.

Which tells you everything you need to know about why I went with Comicraft fonts. I couldn't even do ugly lettering right.

These first three pages were an "acid test" that I offered several artists before settling on Jason. I paid each artist for their spec work, an almost unheard-of practice in indy comics, but I wanted the best I could get.

There was one other artist who completed the three pages. I no longer remember his name and I don't know where the pages are, but it was an interesting interpretation. Greg preferred his version of Shanna to Jason's, describing the former as "very Sara Jane Smith." But the blocking was even worse-- the characters were practically falling over each other-- and Clara was sucking all the attention away from the other four characters, who were the ones we were trying to introduce here.

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