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[Comic: AWOL4]

Is this the worst lettering job I've ever done?

It's possible. Nevertheless, this is one of the few sequences in "A Way of Life?" that I still think is sorta good.

I wanted to break down some of the assumptions that seemed to go into 98% of all comics fight scenes: there will be a lot of time for talk, everyone will respond to a threat as if they expected it, and members of a team will act as if they are all arms of a single organism, even if they've never fought together in their lives. Rikk's impulse sets him apart from the others and becomes the defining moment of his life. Once he's struck the tone, the others come out of their shock. Kath's dialogue is too cutesy by half, but Kath's dialogue was an ongoing problem in early chapters.

Shanna begins to become Shanna with a very human reaction that, again, I wasn't seeing a lot in the comics that I was reading.

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