5. This weekend, I’m going to Webcomics Weekend, as required by Internet cartoonist law, and need to get in touch with a bunch of cool folks I’m hoping to see down there.

4. Last weekend was my birthday, and I am now decrepit.

3. Last weekend was also Halloween, and my adorable goddaughter and her cousin kept us busy. She was a princess, he was a fireman, and I got a set of wings, an actual cigar and one of my sharper outfits and went as a fairy godfather.

2. Last week was an incredible scriptwriting pile-up as Fans, Guilded Age, Penny and Aggie all began new chapters and Fake Bible and Widgetitis also required new material. I’ve just finished Penny and Aggie‘s script tonight and I’m trying to remember what I did before deadlines.

1. There actually is a top 5 list today, thus creating a logical paradox which has now destroyed your computer’s CPU, and possibly the universe.