FOR NEW READERS: Fans is a long-running and far-ranging series, with a large cast and a wide variety of stories, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. Its central idea is that because our world is filled with strangeness and change, its best defenders are science-fiction fans... those who can't stop thinking about strangeness and change. Dedicated to the power of imagination.

The Fandom Menace. A hypnotic threat to fandom itself throws an unremarkable Science-Fiction Club into presidential politics, riot control and black-ops entanglements.

The Most Dangerous Game. Two deep undercover agents engage the Fans in a vampire hunt, and a more complex match of "live-action role-playing" than anything they're used to.

Loving The Alien. Love is the thing that drives us to make some other being into part of ourselves. Some "others" are more "other" than others.

Fans, Slans and Hyperman. When the Superman arrives, does it mean as much as it did to be human?

Prison Planets. Shanna faces her greatest fear, Jones faces his greatest desire, Will faces his greatest doubt, and the world faces its greatest danger yet.

Roomie. The geekiest person in the room isn't always the most socially inept.

Centrifuge. Tim attempts to plan his life after college, but he may need to learn a few things first, like how to plan anything.

Confessions. The sins of Alisin's past.

Mad Science (CRFH/Fans). An ex-government agent, stoned out of his mind, leads one group of hair-trigger college kids against "our" group of same.

Tests. Rikk and Alisin's marriage faces a disapproving in-law, a troubling vision, and a god who's an aggressive employment recruiter.

Out. Shanna's deepest desires acknowleged. Plus, we find out who she wants to sleep with.

Bored of the Rings. Reality, much like second-rate fantasy novelists everywhere, begins to slavishly imitate Tolkien.

New Faces. This screwball comedy leaves the Club roster nearly doubled and every previously established relationship in a state of flux. You gotta change it up sometimes.

Thrown Switch. A mad scientist switches Rumy and Rikk's minds. Hilarity and stylish emoticons ensue.

TIMES OF WAR, PROLOGUE: PHANTOMS. In an alternate reality where imagination is criminalized, a small few try to turn the tide.

CHAPTER ONE: TECCIES. If you could visit your idol on her deathbed, would you?

CHAPTER TWO: DISESTABLISHING SHOTS. The Fans fall into a war with a megalomanical time-traveler, and the Club's longest-standing love triangle reaches a crisis point.

CHAPTER THREE: WAR BETWEEN STATES. With varying motives, the Fans try to affect the Battle of Antietam, but it affects them more.

CHAPTER FOUR: THE SMELL OF HONEY. H.G. Wells, a timelost elf, steam-powered robots and pheremone-amped sex drives make this the Fans' strangest battle yet.

CHAPTER FIVE: THE WAY THE FUTURE IS. At the site of fandom's beginnings, the Fans face their most crushing defeat.

CHAPTER SIX: LOST TIME. The group finally scores a solid victory over the General, but at the cost of two betrayals and missed opportunities.

CHAPTER SEVEN: DREAMS DENIED. Romantic hopes and hope for intelligent science fiction on television burn like old newspaper.

CHAPTER EIGHT: MORTAL COMBAT. The Fans and the General's struggle to cure Alisin costs the life of another Club member.

CHAPTER NINE: LEST DARKNESS FALL. The final battle with the General, featuring more deaths and several characters' greatest moments.

EPILOGUE: BACK DOWN TO EARTH. Rikk is back from the war, but will he ever be all the way back? And how can the Fans explain things to their fallen friends' families?

Makin' 'em Sing. "Music is... not... optional!" A song-stealing sorceress coaxes out the secrets of the Fans' souls, and restores some of their sense of purpose.

The Perfect Blog. Can one be too enlightened?

The Seventh Power. The Fans' nearly spontaneous travel to another dimension attracts numerous agents who would like to know more about such travel. Not all of those agents are very nice.

Don't Know Him From Adam. It's down to one man to repopulate the human race. And that man is Tim Mitts.

The Cruelest Month. While Rikk seeks advice from a veteran in fighting evil, Will searches for a girl from his past. He might have been happier if he hadn't found her.

Inner Spaces. The rooms Shanna occupies now are comfortable. The rooms she must return to are not.

Departures. Rumy discovers a new family tie while Shanna loses one of hers, Agent Mist begins to make his moves, and Katherine gets into the fight of her life.

What Dreams May Come. Rikk is nowhere to be found as the rest of the Fans face a world takeover bid and the power of Hell itself.

All Flesh Is Glass. How far would you go to get the career of your dreams?

Otaku. Rumy the artist struggles to render the colorful past of Rumy the fighter and Rumy the girl.

Iman. The dark path that led to the death of a Fanboy.

Land of Cotton. Guth faces the boundary past which no mathematics can take him.

Take Two. Will's darkest moment, and the final resolution of his triangle with Jackie and Shanna.

Mood Clippah. Cupid's great and all, but sometimes you need help falling out of love. This guy provides that. Theoretically. He's not actually very helpful.

Jailbreak. Will and Shanna confront Will's father at last.

Full Circle. The early Fans fight the current Fans for some reason that makes a certain amount of sense, but who really cares? FIGHT FIGHT.

Booth Bunnies. Talking animals aggravate the tensions between Alisin and Meighan, because something was going to do that sooner or later.

Paranoid Reality. A small group of interested parties plot the Fans' downfall, each in the midst of their own agendas.

Bound. The worst thing Alisin ever did comes back to bite her, in the form of a foe more monstrous than any they've faced.

Psych. Will and Shanna are being targeted in their West Coast quest, but the biggest problem they have is an internal one.

Others. The Science-Fiction Club struggles to deal with those who tolerated, without actively supporting, Keith's cruelties.

The Ways The World Ends. A giant-sized extravaganza, featuring almost every character from the series to date. Plus an army of previously-fictional characters. The final adventure of the Science-Fiction Club, leaving its every member changed for good.

The Iron Easel. In a 21st-century Nazi regime, even such virtues as hope and creativity are tangled up with hate and pettiness. Can they ever be untangled?

Sir Yes Sir. Four years after "The Ways The World Ends," Rikk and Rumy continue to serve in a more official capacity. But their vision for the future has a fatal flaw.

Welcome Home. A new group of Fans, albeit including some old friends, forms to tackle the threats of tomorrow.

Three. How several troubled lovers finally found peace.

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