Just for future reference.

10. “Saps.”

9. “Sweaty, smelly and touchy-feely.”

8. “Unattractive plump females… ugly… scourges.”

7. “Creepy,” especially if you are a homophobic member of the cast of Jersey Shore.

6. “My deplorable cultists.”

5. Thieves.

4. “Wives.”

3. “Testicles.”

2. “Scumbags,” “assholes,” douchebags,” “jerkoffs.” That’s like the quadruple somersault of cluelessness, an act that could perhaps only be performed by one man.

1. “Tim McVeigh Wannabes.”

Note: “Little monsters,” and even “slutty little monsters,” are now okay, but only if you actually are Lady Gaga.