5. Superhero Nation. Surprisingly, this is a blog about writing, with an emphasis on superhero stories. Good basic education and thoughts for the superhero-fixated beginner.

4. Black Superhero Fan. If you are perhaps a wee bit obsessive about the superhero genre, and the representation of race therein, is this ever the blog for you. Updated faithfully several times a week, it’s a reliable first source for your cultural-studies thesis, or just a little self-education about the evolution of racial identity in a pop-cultural lens.

3. The Daily Batman. It’s hard to articulate the beauty of a pop-cultural phenomenon: it unites so many disparate sources into a new argot. The Daily Batman is an online time-released museum of all things Batman, and a look at the permutations hundreds of minds can bring to a single concept.

2. Superhero Twitter Feeds. Okay, it’s not a blog, but it has RSS like a blog, you can check it regularly like a blog… it’s close enough. Blogs allegedly authored by superheroes don’t really grab me: the joke’s tough to sustain and the layouts seem out of character in all the wrong, unfunny ways. But Twitter feeds, those are about as long as a speech balloon, and they just seem to suit the characters’ voices– or a distorted version of same– better. This curated list collects the cream of the crop– DRUNKHULK, JJONAHJAMESON, God_Damn_Batman, HOBODARKSEID, Not_Mark_Millar and feministhulk.

1. Law and the Multiverse. Daredevil, Wolff & Byrd and She-Hulk have toyed with the idea of superhero worlds as fodder for legal drama, but the latter two are comedies that don’t delve deeply into their subject, and frankly, the author of Law and the Multiverse makes Matt Murdock look like a one-L. Fascinating stuff with meat on the bone– worth coming back to again and again, if you’re interested in the theoretical questions superheroes’ existence raises.