Sorry tonight is running late, but you’ll understand why in a second.

As most of you know, when the end of the year rolls around, we traditionally take a break from the hard, fast storytelling, and give you a little fluff. (I mean, really, who wants to be reading about atomized heroes and cold-hearted betrayal on Christmas morning?) One of the little entertainments I’ve cobbled up in years past has been some kind of crossword for you science-fiction-loving gals and guys.

This year, I don’t have one.

This year, I have fifty-one.

Crossworlds: Crosswords For The Sci-Fi Lover is now out of beta. You can start solving for free at this page right now, and I will shortly update both this announcement and that page with a single file for you to download all the puzzles, in various formats, to your hard drive for a measly, trifling $15. Make them a gift! Or solve online yourselves, as my gift to you!

And yet, this little birth announcement PALES in comparison to the one I’ve got in store for you NEXT time. I mean, you just have NO IDEA. Unless you follow my Kickstarter or my Twitter or Facebook or Diary of a Crossword Fiend. CLUE-LESS.